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The number of Daihatsu vehicles is on the decline on Australian roads; however you can rest assured that at Replacement Car Keys, Daihatsu owners have not been forgotten.

Daihatsu utilise many parts and systems from its parent company, Toyota. Daihatsu Immobilisers Systems are very similar to the Immobiliser Systems in Toyota vehicles.

Most Daihatsu’s have on board programming procedures for spare keys. This procedure is often referred to amongst the industry as the “Chicken dance” method of programming a spare key to the vehicle, because of the bazaar sequence of opening and closing doors, pressing buttons and pumping the accelerator pedal in order to program a key to start your Daihatsu.

The only problem with this procedure is when all keys are lost, and in that case, the Immobiliser Unit will have to be removed from the vehicle and keys will need to be programmed directly into a chip which is located on the circuit board within the Immobiliser Unit.

Whether you have ONE key, or NO keys for your Daihatsu, enter in your details for an accurate quote for a Replacement or Spare Daihatsu Key, or click on our Contact Page to find a Replacement Car Keys Branch near you.

Need help finding you VIN number??

Your vin number can be found in many places on your vehicle or on the paper work related to your vehicle. Your vin is roughly 20 digits long often consisting of letter and numbers and can be found on your registration papers, Registration sticker, Vehicles log books or stamped on the back firewall of the engine bay.

If you are unsure about whether your vehicle has a ‘Transponder Chip’ integrated into the key or not, please don’t hesitate to give us a call with your car’s details. Our friendly staff are always happy to help out in any way we can.

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