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Are you tired of ringing every locksmith in town to get a Spare Key made to your BMW? It’s true; BMW’s are a little more difficult to program Spare or Replacement Keys to than your average vehicle. Our specialist team at Replacement Car Keys have the knowledge, experience and equipment required to get your BMW back on the road.

BMW vehicles use two different types of immobiliser systems. Most vehicles manufactured before 2005 utilise an Immobiliser called EWS. EWS systems require specialist EEPROM reading equipment in order to retrieve the data from the vehicle before we can pre-code a new key to start the car. This procedure allows us to produce working keys on the spot, and is much more cost effective than ordering keys through the dealer, which will take weeks, as Genuine BMW Keys for EWS Systems come already Cut and Programmed and are sent from Germany.

The other Immobiliser System BMW vehicles utilise is called “CAS”. The Key for a CAS System is most commonly a Slot Key which is inserted into a slot inside the vehicle, instead of having to insert and turn a Mechanical Key into an Ignition Key Barrel. The team at Replacement Car Keys can also program the CAS Style Slot Keys to most models, so please keep us in mind before ordering a key through your local BMW Dealer.

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