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With prestige often comes cost, but not at Replacement Car Keys!

We can program Genuine or aftermarket Spare or Replacement Lexus keys to your pride and joy at a fraction of the cost compared to your local Lexus Dealer.

Our aftermarket keys also come in a Flip Style with Integrated Remote Locking and lend that premium feel to your pocket without lightening your wallet.

Lexus and Toyota use very similar Immobiliser Systems, and share the same type of keys and Transponders. This means that older Lexus models may need to have the ECU removed and flashed in order for new keys to be programmed to start the vehicle. For many Locksmiths this is an impossible task, but the Replacement Car Keys team have the knowledge and experience to safely supply you with Spare or Replacement Lexus keys at your home or workplace.

Please be sure to have all of your vehicle details ready, such as VIN, Model, Year and Fuel Type.

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