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If you’re unlucky enough to have lost your last remaining key to your Kia, the friendly team at Replacement Car Keys are your one stop shop for any Spare or Replacement Kia Keys.

Our Automotive Locksmith Vehicles are fitted out with all of the equipment and gear needed to provide you with any Spare or Replacement keys for your Kia. We can also provide you with a Remote or Remote Key to Lock/Unlock your Kia from a distance, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like it would through your local Kia Dealership.

If you’d like to book in an appointment, you can either call our friendly team at Replacement Car keys, or fill in our enquiry form for an Instant Quote. Please be sure to have your vehicle’s details handy, including your VIN, Model, Year and Fuel Type.

Need help finding you VIN number??
Your VIN number can be found in many places on your vehicle or on the paperwork related to your vehicle. Your VIN is roughly 20 digits long often consisting of letter and numbers and can be found on your registration papers, Registration sticker, Vehicles log books or stamped on the back firewall of the engine bay.

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